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Miracle II  2 Soap in the 22 oz size is wonderful for both baths and all around cleaning. As a bath it detoxes you, is oxygenating and has is wonderful for relaxation benefits and for soothing muscle/joint issues. This is the ORIGINAL formula and everything is concentrated and undiluted. The neutralizer liquid is very balancing for your calcium and magensium levels. For cleaning the home, the soap is diluted in different strengths to work on everything from windows, doing laundry, rug stains, pet shampoo and much more. Something that is so gentle on a baby's skin and can also get rid of your toughest stains when diluted in the right proportion. Check out the specials: Get the 5 pack for 64.00, 12 pack for 122 or 2 gallons for 110.00 - All with FREE Shipping within the 48 states.

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Miracle II  2 Soap in the 22 oz size or the gallon economy size is wonderful for both baths and all around cleaning.


I no longer use any other products for my home and am saving a bundle each year. Plus it is so re-assuring to know I am not adding chemicals on my skin or in the air vapor I breathe in.

Here are some suggested uses :

  SPECIAL BATHING TIP: - Leave soapy water in bathtub after bathing.  Use 1 or 2 eight oz. cups in toilets to clean commodes and pipes.  Soap is a natural degreaser and declogger.  Also use soapy water to wash windows, no streaking on furniture or counter tops. (I've noticed that dust actually won't alight again on mirrors for months due to the negative ions)! I also don't have to clean out my bathtub from film since there is no lard or fat residues in the product.


FLEAS AND TICKS - Shampoo dog and cat with Miracle II Soap, rinse, spray on Neutralizer and let dry. It will not hurt their eyes. Useful for cuts on dogs, cats and horses. Animals will love it!


CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE- See how little you will be using for these applications!

Light Cleaning: Use this on glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, refrigerators,
fiberglass, leathers and plastic.

Miracle Soap... (1/8 oz) to 32 or spray bottle.)
Note: Add water very slowly.

#2--Medium Cleaning
Dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, paneling, refrigerator, skin, carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, auto­mobile, mildew, soot on brick and stone.

Miracle II Soap -- Add 2 oz to a spray bottle.

#3 - Heavy Cleaning
Floors, grease traps, drains, pots, pans, dishes hands, skins, ov­ens, glass fireplace doors, white sidewall tires, bad carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, clothes, wax stripper, steam cleaning, oil on carports, crazy glue cleanup.

Use #3 Heavy cleaning spray bottle. Heat oven to warm then turn off. Spray well. Let set for 2-3 hrs or over night if possible. Just wipe away with cloth or sponge. You don't even need gloves!! Can you believe cleaning an oven - and getting a hand treatment at the same time.



I use this product for so many things it's almost comical!

Reports from Users:

1)   I have tried many products for my chronic fatigue
syndrome. I find that soaking my body with the Miracle soap in a hot tub
before going to bed at night helps me reduce my symptoms. I also take a multi-mineral with calcium and magnesium.

2) We mixed one ounce of the soap with 32 ounces of water and worked on the carpets. This stuff got up pet stains very well. As a carpet shampoo, it does a very deep cleaning. One bottle of soap makes 4 gallons of carpet shampoo. Four gallons of carpet shampoo would cost me (using the stuff the manufacturer recommends) over $200.

3) I was introduced to the miracle products when a friend offered to help clean our cabin before we were to have guests staying there. Being out in nature the cabin constantly has spiders and crawly creatures. Due to special sensitivities of the coming guests normal chemicals could not be used. My friend said "don't worry" and came and cleaned with, and then sprayed the baseboards and corners with, a mixture of the Miracle Soap. Lo and behold it was at least 5 weeks before we saw any sign of a spider or crawly creature (before they were back within days)! She also left me with a bottle of the Miracle Moisturizer. That night I put it on my cracked heel which had not been healing. The next morning I saw improvement. Using the diluted soap in the shower has made my skin feel wonderful -- and has gotten rid of my flaky dry skin!!! And washing my hair with the soap makes it very soft and shiny. I add a teaspoon of the neutralizer to a glass of water two times a day and just seem to feel better from it.
Also, after a long day of working outside I was left with three blisters on my thumb and first finger. I was afraid to pop them for fear of infection, but also knew I couldn't work with them that way. I plastered them with the Miracle Gel Neutralizer and went to bed. Much better the next day. I'm a massage therapist so healthy hands are important. Some of my clients have benefited from the miracle products too. J Fremont, Nebraska


4) The very first night that I had the Miracle II Soap cleaner, I bathed my dogs in it. The white hair on my dog was just beautiful. I then cleaned my stove and the bathroom and was well pleased with the results. My family uses the Miracle II Soap to clean jewelry, mirrors, picture frames and glass. We use it to mop the floor and clean the refrigerator. The Miracle II Soap took hardened scrambled eggs out of the skillet, as well as the dried milk in the bottom of glasses. My meat broiler pan came shiny clean. I have used this Soap in place of oil soap for cleaning antique furniture, for washing my child's cheerleading uniform and the white cummerbund to a band uniform.
                         MF Louisiana


What distinguishes this soap from others?

Miracle Soap is a great around cleaner works well for relaxing baths. More and more scientists and doctors are agreeing that body pH is the dividing line between health and disease. The Miracle Soap & Neutralizer, help to remove toxins from the body that contribute to pain and disease by increasing pH and oxygen levels in the body. Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for discovering that many diseases cannot live in a body that is well oxygenated. Raising the pH from 4.0 to 7.0, puts more oxygen into the cells. This translates into energy, health and vitality.

Here's what a 22 oz bottle of soap can do:

384 gallons glass cleaner
2 gallons dish washing soap
50 gallons car or truck wash
22-35 loads of clothes detergent
50 gallons of carpet cleaner
2 gallons oven cleaner or carport cleaner
50 quart bottles of spot cleaner
50 gallons of garden spray
50 shampoos for your dog or cat

But I suggest highly you save some for bubble baths for your own personal spa at home- oxygenation, energy, de-toxing, skin and muscle helper.

Ingredients: INGREDIENTS: Prayer, electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, ash of dedecyl solution, dehydrabiethylamine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, foaming agent. 

Miracle II Products BELOW


Please note, if you want different combos read all the options on page. . I have set up a lot of buttons to cover the common choices people make. If you would like a different combo let me know and I will put it together for you. Getting more than one item will reduce shipping and it even becomes free in several of the combo packs. Please note: Every buyitnow button is calculated with free shipping or shipping included in total, so this way you do not have to fill in a lot of forms which people found confusing using zip codes etc. The best deal for someone new is the 5 pack starter kit for 64.00 with free shipping. You can find it further down the page and you get one of each item (ie 22 oz soap, 22 oz moisturizing soap, 22 oz neutralizer liquid, 8 oz gel, 8 oz skin moisturizer). BUT if you want to change it around in different ways, just send me an email okay?

What is difference between moisturizing soap and regular soap?

The regular miracle ii soap is for people with oily-normal skin. The moisturizing soap is for those with dry skin. For cleaning applications, you should use the regular soap, so that is the most popular choice. However, sometimes I'll clean with miracle ii moisturizing soap and do dishes with it too so nothing is set in stone!

If you'd like to get greatest savings get a gallon of the miracle ii soap. It is only 63.00 including free shipping within 48 states of US. A gallon is 128 ounces. You can choose between the regular soap and moisturizing soap. It weighs 10 lbs and is heavy! The gallon lasts a long time as you need to dilute soap for all uses.:

Miracle II Soap Gallon

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase other combos than listed, email me! It is quietmind2000@yahoo.com
Review the top combos below. Many have free shipping!

Popular Combo: Get a gallon of soap (or neutralizer) with a smaller bottle (choose from either 22 oz moist soap, 22 oz reg soap, 8 oz gel or 8 oz moisturizer): The cost is 76 including free shipping .

1st gallon choice
second item selection

Miracle II Gallon Plus a Bottle of Your Choice makes a nice combo or gift for the holidays or anytime.

================================================================================================================== Get 2 gallons and SAVE on price plus get FREE SHIPPING. It's 110.00 total for both including free shipping.( Retail is 67 a gallon). Choose from the miracle ii regular soap, moisturizing soap or the neutralizer liquid:

1st gallon choice
second gallon choice


Get a gallon of the soap (either kind or even neutralizer) plus a gallon of neutralizer GEL/Moisturizing Lotion. The gel and moisturizer costs a little more because gel 4x stronger, but it's great for aches, muscles joints, bug bites, energizing internal organs. The moisturizer has essential oils in it. (Normally this combo retails at 185.00). Total is 172.00:
1st gallon choice
second gallon choice

Get a Miracle II 5 Pack to Try Out the Top Products: Includes 22 oz regular miracle ii soap, 22 oz moisturizing soap, 8 oz moisturizing lotion, 8 oz miracle neutralizer gel , 22 oz neutralizer liquid. This 5 pack special is $64.00 and you get FREE Shipping within the 48 US States!

The Miracle II 5 Pack COMBO!

Get a Miracle II 5 Pack PLUS the Laundry ball-Try Out the Top Products: Includes 22 oz regular miracle ii soap, 22 oz moisturizing soap, 8 oz moisturizing lotion, 8 oz miracle neutralizer gel , 22 oz neutralizer liquid. This 6 pack special is $106.00 and you get FREE Shipping! Why use detergents with phosphates and ingredients that your body may absorb when you sweat? Avoid fragrances and hidden chemicals in degergents. The laundry ball is guaranteed for 3 years but many have it for even 10. Save on detergents and avoid chemicals:

The Miracle II 6 Pack COMBO!

Order a 12 pack and mix/match! This Kit consists in 12 total of the following: 22 oz regular soap, 22 oz moisturizing soap, 22 oz neutralizer liquid, 8oz moisturizer, 8 oz gel. It's 122.00 with free shipping. Retail would be 216.00 plus shipping so this is a great deal. When you pay, just put in the note section how you want the 12- you can have a few of each, 12 of one of them or mix/match however you want!

The Miracle II 12 Pack COMBO- Combine How you Want According to Your Needs!

Let's learn more about the other products by Miracle II:


MIRACLE II GEL: Miracle II  Neutralizer Gel in the 8 oz size is wonderful for the skin, hair, muscle and joints. Whether you want to get more bounce/shine in your hair, help heal a scar or sore, quickly help bug bites etc, the original miracle ii gel has many uses and testimonials. This is the ORIGINAL formula and everything is concentrated and undiluted.

This fall my nephew played soccer in October and I didn't notice how long I was in the sun. I often get a cold sore on my lower lip w/o spf 15 . Later that night , I felt the inital bump under the skin. As anyone who's sufferred from this knows, first there's the under skin bump, then a red bump on lip, then bleeding as it heals and scabs. A few days of bleeding ,scabbing as it re-opens whenever you eat a meal etc etc. I was used to hiding for 4 days and cancelling some plans around meals due to the bleeding with eating situation. Anyway the bump got smaller and smaller, I had no bleeding at all and it disappeared in 2 days!

My nephew was bitten by mosquitos and very cranky about it. I put the gel on his back (they had gone right through his jersey) and he resumed happily playing his Madden Football video game. The next day he had no bumps left and even mentioned that they usually itch for a couple of days. He stuck it in his own bathroom and wouldn't give it back to me.


Here's some ways that people use the products:

1) I need to let you know about what the Miracle gel did for me yesterday. I reached down in the back yard to get some ferns and stirred up a wasp nest and got stung three times.

Well, yesterday as soon as they stung me I went in and got my Neutralizer Gel and put it directly on each place that was already puffed up and in about 20 minutes you could not see where I was stung. - Dottie

2)Our grandson had a plantar wart on the bottom of his foot  underneath his big toe.
They had taken him to the doctor  and had it burned off and it grew back.

Because of its location  it would crack and bleed and he would pick at it and it was 
bothering him a lot. They got some over the counter product to see if  that would work, and being
a 10 year-old he put it on a little  sloppily. It seriously burned the skin around the wart
and it didn't seem like it was doing much for the wart.

So we took a Band-aid and put Miracle Gel on it (as much as it  would hold) and put
the Band-aid on so that the pad was right  underneath his foot in contact with the wart. He kept it moist with the Miracle Gel and the Neutralizer. They changed it two or three times
during a two-week period.

I talked to his mother exactly two weeks to the day and she  said her son was changing
the Band-aid and picked at the wart and it came right off.

The skin is all pink and in good shape underneath. You could see the black seed in
the wart which  indicated that it was a plantar wart. They were both excited to get rid
of the wart!

The gel is useful for treating injuries, moisturizing cracked skin, improving skin irregularities and more.  Other uses reportedl include teeth brushing, gingivitis, any kind of skin condition, bruises, cuts, scrapes, sunburn, poison ivy or oak, after shave conditioner, joint pains, hair conditioner, diaper rash, insect bites, wrinkles, age spots, fever blisters, bed sores, warts, moles, jock itch, acne, athlete's foot, dermatitis, denture hot spots, insect bites and gout.

It can also be used as an after shave conditioner. Also, people have found that wrapping the affected injured area with a plastic wrap helps keep the electrical charge focused on the area. You may use Handi-Wrap or a plastic bag loosely wrapped overnight for pains in the body related to sprains. This helps the gel penetrate the skin more effectively.

Miracle II Neutralizer:

People use this product for heartburn, indigestion,acid reflex, preventing colds and treating them, and many conditions. It will raise your body's ph and fight diseases that are based on acidic conditions. Please check your body's ph and see what it is. Many people have a very low ph. It is useful on the skin for sunburn or as a sunscreen and aftershave . It can be used to clean vegetables naturally and people put it in pet water for their dogs and cats.

We recommend the addition of Miracle II Neutralizer in the bath to clean out the pores from years of built up fats, chemicals and preservatives found in the products we use, foods we eat and environmental influences. I haven't taken a bath since I was 12 but now take 3 a week because the oxygenating and restful effects. It also will help the calcium/magnesium balance in your body.


Miracle II Laudry Ball- This is a rubber ball encased with the neutralizer and miracle ii soap. You put it in your washing machine and it cleans your clothes! It does not "leak out" of the ball, but rather it creates negative ions, has eloptical energy and loosens the dirt on clothing. It is also a wonderful massage ball for the hands, feet and body. It is guaranteed for 3 years but I know people who have had for over 8 . One had it punctured by their German Shephard but it was fine till then. It is 50 including shipping. Total is 50.00.

Miracle II Laundry Ball and Massager

If you have any questions before purchasing please send an e-mail quietmind2000@yahoo.com . I am happy to answer any questions you may have or combine orders. Remember if you want a different combo pack than I've created let me know. There are lots of ways to combine these products so I didn't include every option. You can also get the moisturizing lotion and neutralizer gel in 22 oz bottles so let me know if you wanted that. Plus there is a 7x gel too!   

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