Miracle II Soap, Neutralizer and Moisturizer Products: An Honest Review

miracle 2 soap The first time I heard about the miracle ii soap products, I thought the claims must be exaggerated. I read that the miracle ii soap can be used for rejuvenating and detoxification baths. That sounded great but also it said you can also clean your oven with it and avoid toxic fumes. I wasn't sure how a product can be useful for harsh cleaning jobs yet still gentle enough for the skin. I also had read that people use it to wash their clothing in the machine and could save on detergent plus avoid chemicals and additives.

The same questions came to my mind about the miracle II gel. Some testimonials claimed it gave them great dental checkups when used on their teeth. Others said that it was useful to stop mosquito bites from itching.

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In my own experience, I've found that the miracle II soap would remove some clothes stains I had but it didn't fix old carpet stains that were very deep. I found that the baths were very rejuvenating and that it does work to wash clothing in the washing machine. The founder, Clayton Tedeton,who recently passed away, explained that the different degrees of dilution is what makes it capable for various applications. He said you would never want to use the product full strength on your face (though some do use it that way as a facial peel). I put a few teaspoons into a spray bottle from walmarts and add water. Then I use this to clean my counters and around the house. It works very well and the person that cleans my home once a month commented that it smells much better than commercial cleaners which may have questionable vapors.

The product is based on raising the body's ph. Normally we are very acidic. By using the miracle II soap for bathing, we help the pores release toxins and this raises the body's ph. He recommended scrubbing with a wash cloth to facilitate this process. I did find that after the bath, as he claimed, putting the bath water down my drains helped them move faster. It works as a de-greaser as well. As a side note, I put some in a spray bottle and mix with water to spray on ants when I see them wandering around the home. It is also good to use outside the home for this issue. There can be a lot of ants in Florida.

I am not sure if it would work for removing crazy glue, as a wax stripper or for cleaning garage oil stains, but for most household uses, it does the job and it's nice to avoid using harmful chemicals but instead utilize an eco friendly product that is go green and saves some money.

Miracle II Neutralizer

If you drink a lot of soda and coffee and don't consume many fruits and vegetables, you may have a body pH that is on the acidic side. The product Miracle II neutralizer has a claim that it assists the body in becoming more alkalinic and raising the pH factor. Many alternative health practitioners believe that it is due to eating a lot of sugar, red meat, drinking alcohol and having soda that we have a low pH level in our bodies.

Nutritionists recommend a diet that will help the body reach closer to a pH of 7. We don't eat enough green vegetables and essential fatty acids. Instead we consume many products with white flour stripped of nutrients. Some believe that many diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are aggravated by the fact that we are eating so many foods that make us acidic. Unfortunately, we love sweets, fatty foods and alcohol and skimp on kale and more alkalinic choices.

The neutralizer liquid is designed to be added to water as a means to raise the body's pH. This shouldn't be a substitute for improving one's diet, but it can be an aid. Because people tend to work late and grab convenience foods, it is easy to fall into the trap of eating lots of sugar, salt and processed foods.

To test the claims of the neutralizer liquid, it can be helpful to get pH strips and test one's urine to see if it will make a difference. Any supplement to raise the body's pH still requires attention to diet. It isn't a free ticket to live on hamburgers and saturated fat milk shakes. You can read about ways to use Miracle II Soap and the other products and learn about green living tips.